Replace your Delhi Metro unreadable smart cards instantly

Replace your Delhi Metro unreadable smart cards instantly

Commuters of the Delhi Metro will no longer have to wait for days to get a new smart card if their old ones are rendered unreadable. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Sunday announced that the facility to instantly replace old cards will now be available at stations. Earlier, it took at least five working days to replace old smart cards.

The DMRC authorities, however, clarified travel cards that need to be replaced must not be damaged — it should only be unreadable at the automated fare collection gates — and must be in proper physical condition.

“The Delhi Metro has now simplified the process for reclamation of smart cards that are not readable at the time of entry at the AFC (automated fare collection) gates due to some technical reasons,” the DMRC said in a statement issued on Sunday.

The statement added, “Such physically ok, unreadable cards, which were earlier deposited at the station and needed to be reclaimed after five days will now be immediately replaced with a new smart card at the customer care centre of the metro station, free of cost.”

“After five days and up to a period of 90 days, the commuter can tap his/her new smart card at any of the AVMs installed at all the metro stations and the balance amount left in the unreadable card will be automatically credited into the new card and the need to visit the same station no more exits,” a DMRC spokesperson said.


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